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--------------Low cost annual membership to receive monthly ecoachbowls email and 50% discount for any other ecoachbowls order.

-------------- Each MONTH you will receive an ecoachbowls email. This email will include playing tips, practice sheets, coaching news and links.

-------------- When you join as an individual or coach you can use the practice sheets and playing tips for your own practice, information and coaching.

-------------- Great idea for a club who can place the playing tips & practice sheets in their newsletters and websites (with acknowledgement to Rob Huddle,

-------------- Give your members and club website professional coaching material. These great designed playing tips & practice sheets will give direction and motivation to practice hard and win.

----------------- Members can request any ecoachbowls document to be sent by email. One document per email.

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 Great offer for players, coaches and bowling clubs around the world

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