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Run Through Shot
Hit and Sit Shot
This is a very important conversion shot. A positive shot played with about 2m to 3metres over weight. The perfect Hit and Sit shot moves the opposition bowl out of the head and your bowl takes it place for shot/s.

Tips for the Hit and Sit Shot
1) Aim at about half your draw shot line
2) Play with only 2 - 3 metres over jack high weight.
3) Unless near the ditch you should not lose your bowl if you miss.
A hard shot to play but a really good "get out" when ther is no easy way into the head. This is often a better choice than a desperate drive. shot. Play with more weight than the Hit and Sit shot as you are usually aiming to hit short bowls up and out then follow through into a position close to the jack for a great save.

Tips for the Run Through Shot
1) Take a narrow aiming line.
2) Play with about 5 metres over jack high weight.
Drawing Under or Around Bowls
Split Shot
A spectacular shot that is not that difficult. Skippers love this position to play a big conversion. Aim for the middle of the 2 away bowls but even if you hit either bowl first you still get a result. This is not a Drive shot as you want your bowl to stay in the head.

Tips for the Split Shot
1) Take a narrow aiming line
2) Play with about 5 metres over jack high weight so you can move both bowls out of the head..
A shot that requires confidence and control. To Draw around short bowls take a slightly wider line but still have good weight. To draw under opposition bowls take slightly narrower line or move to outside of mat on same line.

Tips for the these Shots,
1) Do not over play these shots by adding weight.
2) Only a slight change in line is needed to miss a bowl at draw weight.
In-Off Shot
Plant Shot
A great skippers bowl that appears to just be good luck. Playing the In-Off SHot will give yourself a few chances; Draw the shot cold; trail the jack; or wick in-off the opposition.

Tips for the In-Off Shot
1) Move your line in a little and play a draw shot around 60cm over weight.
2) Play with confidence looking for a positive result.
3) Don't make the oppostion bowl your focus. Work on your line and imagine it working.
A good third will spot this opportunity. If the bowls are touching you can confidently predict where the bowl will go when hit. This result can give you new angles into the head that were otherwise blocked.

Tips for the Plant Shot
1) Take a narrow line to the target bowl.
2) Play with the weight required to move the bowl skillfully into the head or hit hard to disturb the head or kill the end.
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