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The basic shots in bowls are in some respects the most important. Bowlers know that if they are being out drawn they will nealry always lose. As over 80% of all bowls played are Draw Shots they can be considered the MOST important shots. Most other variations or "advanced shots" are variations of the Draw Shot. Therefore Draw Shots are the foundation of the game and are basic to good play.

The Basic Shots are considered to be:


2) DRAW SHOT - off centre



Go to the Advanced Shots page to learn about the more difficult variations of the Draw Shot.
Draw Shot
Weight = jack high
Aiming Line = the red star is a reference on the bank and will vary depending on the green speed and surface.
Bowl should finish close to jack and near centre line.
Draw Shot Off centre
Often it is necessary to draw off cenre to the jack or to good position.
Weight = Level with new target spot.
Aiming line = Red star reference moves relative to the new target spot.
Running Shot
Drive Shot
The Running Shot is quicker than the Draw Shot so will turn less. This is controlled weight and for many a better and more consistent option to a fast Drive.

Weight = ~10 metres over Draw Shot weight

Aiming line = Red star reference moves inside boundary peg. ~60-90cm from centre.
The Drive Shot (or Fire shot) is faster than the Running Shot and is intended to go virtually straight. This fast shot still needs a balanced smooth delviery. Trying to go too fast will mean inaccurate results. The Drive can bend up to 30cm.

Weight = ~15 to 20 metres over Draw Shot weight

Aiming line = Red star reference moves just outside centre line
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