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Use visualization for simplifying the task.


It is a big help to remove distractions from rhe task. To reduce pressure try ignoring the headscore just prior to playing the shot.

Simplify the task to a basic skill ie draw shot on forehand. What are the main things I need to do remember to succeed?
Line required? Weight required?

Allow only 1 or 2 thoughts into your head during delivery eg. slow and smooth; allow for wind. No tension and no negative thoughts.
...........See this....................Not this..........
  Imagery in bowls
This simple mental skill technique helps focus the mind and directs the muscles and the physical to perform.

Prior to delivery imagine the shot you want to play and the result you want to achieve. Rehearse this in your mind a number of times. Believe you can do it and that it will happen. This mental rehearsal is well known amongst champions in many sports.

In bowls visualise the pathway the bowl must take for the shot you want to play. Imagine the result at the head as your bowl completes the shot.

Rather than thinking about the consequence of a successful shot at that time or a failure, refocus back onto imagining the "perfect" shot. Add some positive thoughts and self motivation for the unbeatable combination!!

Jack Nicholas, the master golfer was an expert at this. If you think you can do it, and see that you can do it, you probably will do it.
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