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This is mainly the Skippers role but all players should understand GOOD Shot Selection. It is important for singles players and Thirds to be able to make good decisions. If all the players in the team understand what is the current Tactic and overall Game Plan then they should accept the decision for a certain shot depending on the circumstances and intended outcome. Too many players in a team want to get the shot instead of playing the TEAM bowl. The Skipper needs to consider the game situation as the player's ability to successfully perform the shot.

In most situations in bowls there is always more than one way to achieve a result. Shot selection depends on the skipper’s assessment of his players ability, conditions, score , and risk involved. The opponents capabilities must be taken into account and generally expect that their next attempt will be successful. Shot Selection is quite a complex thought process. Various factors are involved and will affect the ultimate decision.

Players must remember the aiming line Green & conditions on each hand.

F/H away from clubhouse, (wind direction, grass conditions, speed, aiming line)
B/H away from clubhouse (wind direction, grass conditions, speed, aiming line)
F/H towards clubhouse (wind direction, grass conditions, speed, aiming line)
B/H towards clubhouse (wind direction, grass conditions, speed, aiming line)

There are many important considerations in Decision Making.

Check this out in more detail at the Decision Making Page
Game Situation 3

What would your shot selection be and why?
Similar head position but different opportunities
Match = Mazda Jack High Singles
Sets play.
Game score = Red 6 Blue 3.
2nd set. 5th end
Red = Closest bowl 90cm away
Blue = Holding 1 shot
Situation = Blue to play his last bowl then Red to play last

A. Draw on backhand to hold 2 shots.
B. Draw to position to cover reds bowls.
C. Draw on F/H to move jack and hold 2 or 3.
D. Drive to remove both red bowls to hold 3.
E. Wrest second shot out to hold 2 or 3.
Game Situation 2

What would your shot selection be and why?
Match = Victorian Singles Championship
16 sec. windy, medium end.
Game score = Red 23 Black 20
Black = Holding 1 shots. Shot bowl 1cm from jack.
Red = Closest bowl 30cm away
Situation = Black to play the last bowl.

A. Draw on the forehand.
B. Play a positive forehand draw shot to move jack sideways to score 3 shots.
C. Drive or play weighted shot to remove 2 Red bowls for +4 shots
D. Declare the head for 1 shot

Black has made a comeback from 21-13 down and is winning on longer ends.
After holding 3 shots before Reds last bowl Black decides to try Option B.
He hits the jack but overweight and goes dead by 30 cm.
Black has played half of option B and half of Option C for a bad result.
Red wins the replay of the end and ultimately the game.


Be certain which shot you are playing and with what weight.
Option D. Drove and missed target
Red player drives, hits jack in the ditch for 3 shots and then the match!

This highlights the dramatic contrast of the value of drives
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