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One of the main difficulties in coaching and improving performance in bowls is trying to measure performance and skill development. I have no doubt that this is essential for players to improve past being an average bowler. Skill can be defined and measured and I will give you some examples and methods to achieve that. Skill evaluation needs to be done in a controlled situation such as at a practice session. The main benefit is to establish base line measurements that a useful in comparing development in skill development. Results can be used to compare an individual's progress or team mates against each other. Results can also be compared against skill standards enabling players to compare themselves to the best in the country and world.

Performance evaluation is measuring play and results. This is best done in actual competition but is also most valuable in practice sessions that simulate a game situation. Rather than have meaningless practice important performance indicators can be obtained by measuring play in practice games. This also will stimulate motivation to concentrate and perform.

Finally comparison of results from practice and competition will indicate a player's ability to transfer practice skill, technique and concentration to the real pressure situation of a competitive game. This can further assist in a more sophisticated assessment of a players development and practice needs.
As mentioned Skill testing is time consuming but absolutely focuses the player onto important components of the game. This will direct practice sessions and can be an important reality check or motivator for players. Using the ecoachbowls skill tests will mean obtaining consistent and comparable results. The 5 Skill Tests are available from the ecoachbowls shop.

One main difference between Skill Analysis and Performance Analsis is the Skill Tests focus on one part of the game or shot at a time and are evaluated indendently. A Performance Analysis will usually evaluate skills within the context of a game or competitive situation. This means the skills evaluated are performed in a variety of order and under game pressure. For example, the 10 Bowl Test is a test of skills but more like a game situation as there is maximum of 2 attempts before moving onto a completly different task.

Skill Tests provide valuable and comparable information.
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