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Coaching is available to give your Team or Club direction and influence playing culture at your club or Squad.

Individuals make a team but great Teams have positive dynamics and common goals. The mixed skill set and experience is an asset but required careful management. Egos still have a place but are secondary to the Team's goals and priorities.

PROGRAM DETAILS (this can be altered to suit your needs)
  1. 2 x 1 hr player coaching presentations (usually in the evening)
         a) - sept/oct introduction - practice/technique/game plan
         b) - nov-dec follow-up, shot selections...tactics...mental skills
         Cost: negotiable but around  $225 per session
  1. 1 hour Coach the coach workshop session this will provide your coaches with a refresher and a coaching plan for the season
  2. 1 hour Coach the Selectors session this covers selection guidelines, pennant scoring options, communication plan for the season
  3. 1 hour Coaches the Skippers workshop session the skips are the key to making things happen. Skips need coaching to learn the game plan for the club
  4. Provision of skill tests and practice sheets for a 20 week program - a week by week resource for all players and coaches to use.

Game Plans - click to go to tactics and Game Plan page
 Coaching Resources for Clubs
    $125 Club membership per year
   Support for your members and coaches
  1. Club Membership to ecoachbowls
  2. Monthly email coaching topics to share
  3. 20 Week practice sheet program.
7 key parts to a Game Plan
  1. Team Play
  2. Position Play
  3. Positive Image
  4. Tactics
  5. Competition Routine
  6. Mental Skills 7. Key Performance Indicators
 Important topics for teams
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