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This program aims at helping established bowlers to improve and play better bowls. This will result in increased satisfaction and winning more games and championships.

So what causes many players to reach a good level of bowls but only occasionaly take that to a champonship standard?

The ecoachbowls B.E.A. framework recognises that most bowlers fall into this catergory. Often poor practice and coaching is the reason. Remember it is never too late to decide to focus on the things that will improve your game. The Experienced Bowler program will guide you to being a better player. Use these resouces and work hard, it is almost guaranteed!!

Experienced Bowler
  • Technique and Coachng Tips
  • 20 Skill Practice Sheets.
  • Skill Tests

   Experienced Program (by email)
               $15 members    $30 non-members
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B.E.A.M. program
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